Caddie Program

Caddie program is in place at Thorny Lea to provide the best golfing experience possible for the membership by offering friendly - personal service. The Professional Staff will host a Caddie Training Program that will allow caddies to learn the finer points of golf caddying providing the "Thorny Way" as well as, gain from our veteran caddies. We pledge to grow the game of golf by exposing our caddies to one of the our area's premiere golf courses and providing them with knowledge of the game as well as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

Caddies are trained in all aspects of the game, including etiquette, green reading, yardages, club rules, and the history of Thorny Lea.   The Club is committed to providing all employees with a safe and fun workplace.

Each year, a small group of new caddies are hired to the program. The training and golf instruction as well as mentoring initiatives help to enhance the academic achievement and life skills of area youth and open doors to college scholarships, business connections and jobs.

For more information about our Caddie Program, Please E-mail Michael Sullivan at [email protected] and please visit us at for more details.